How to Check Aadhar Card Status by Enrollement Number Online & SMS

Aadhar Card Status: People who have enrolled for aadhaar card can check their registration status online. is the official portal which provides the real UID Status. Aadhar status can be checked many times. It usually takes around 90 days for the card to reach the home address of the applicant. There are two ways to check the status. Both methods are easy and quick. We will discuss all the methods below. The card is delivered by a normal post. Therefore sometimes it can take long after dispatch. In this case one can download a duplicate card if he/she needs it urgently. Check the other articles on this website to know how to do that.

Unique Identification Authority of India:

The government has formed UIDAI to handle the aadhaar registration and data maintenance. It has made an official website which is directly linked with their server. Common people can visit this website to do things related to the card like status checking, download, update, EID retrieval and other things.

aadhar card status

Here we will tell how to use that website to check adhar card status online. However before checking, you must have your EID. EID is combination or enrollment number, date and time of registration. It is 28 digits in total. Where you will find it? It is in the acknowledgment slip that you get after enrollment.

If you have lost your enrollment slip then also you can get your EID. To do it just visit the official website. There is option to retrieve EID and aadhaar card number. However you must have your registered phone number with you for this.

Aadhar Status Online:

Till now we have discussed what things one need to check the status of aadhar card. Now we will tell about the steps to check it online.

  1. First, go to the official website.
  2. Next, click on check aadhaar card status.
  3. After that, enter the details.
  4. Finally, enter the security code and click on submit.

If everything is correct, the status will appear on the screen. Otherwise you will get an error message. If you do get error message, do not worry and try again. If you still have problem then retrieve your EID and try again. At last, call the UIDAI helpline number for assistance.

Aadhar Update Status:

Many people update their personal details on the card online. After that, they get a number to track the update status. This number is called Update Reference Number (URN). Here we will discuss how to check the aadhar card updates status.

  1. Visit the official website as mentioned above.
  2. Next, click on Check Status.
  3. Now enter your Aadhaar Number and URN.
  4. Next, enter the security code.
  5. Finally, click on get status.

This will display the status on the computer/mobile/tablet screen. The process of update does not take long time. So check regularly to ensure your details have been updated.

The Offline Method of UID Status:

This method is for the people who do not have internet. They can check the UID card status by sending SMS. Just type the following text and send it to 51969.

UID STATUS <14 Digit Enrollment Number>

You will get reply from 51969 with the status. This is also a convenient way but it is not free. The operator can charge for the SMS service.

Official website status check:

We have explained both method of aadhaar card status on this website. People can also check the aadhar update status after reading this article.

Hope the information on aadhar card status was helpful. If you have any questions please comment below. We recommend you to bookmark this site for reference in future.

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